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hello, all. it's been a while. haven't been on the internet a whole lot, honestly - life's been busy in the worst possible ways. but, it's all good. i've done some housekeeping and a handful of small updates over here, fixed a few project names to reflect changes, and went ahead and pulled some writing over from an old tumblr sideblog since that site decided to sell out to the "AI" plagiarism machine.
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hello! been a while. the PC failure ended up being the tip of the iceberg of problems this winter so i've been too busy to update this, but i'm back and looking forward to adding more writing to the site.
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writing update still in the works! set back a bit by the power supply in my PC failing, but once i get that sorted, i'll be putting that up and getting this site properly fleshed out.
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took a while (lot going on IRL) but finally back to editing this! decided to tighten up my focus, so cut down to only settings/characters i'm actively focused on. next update will be writing/updating character pages. >:)

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