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I love your music section better than any other albums display I've seen on any site. Any tips for digitizing a CD collection like this? I'd love to do something similar with mine.
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skookz 6 months ago

ayy thankya for the kind words! well taking the pictures on a white background helps make the plastic more visible & taking them at a bit of an angle helps keep the camera's reflection out of the shot. i'd also think that this would be a lot easier to do with a scanner, but i don't own one to test that theory. lemme know if ya need any more tips/help, i'd be happy to give ya either!

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bluef00t 6 months ago

actually i think the reason I like em so much is that yours AREN'T scanned; the atmospheric lighting and slight angle really makes it feel like I'm peeking into a friend's CD collection and pulling one or two out to look at

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surl 7 months ago

Hey I have a question, who's fursonas are there in the waiting room on this page? Cuz it looks like a snowy own (my fursona), Ricky (the mascott of, and yours? Just wondering, thanks ^^ -Owl

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skookz 7 months ago

both the snow owl & the raccoon belong to two of my friendos respectively, and ye that's my pony

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