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thank you for the follow! i love your art!
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until i have all pretty stories or something to tell, i'll just talk about my drawings in captions beside them. how they came to be, what inspired them, things of the sort, i guess. eventually i'll make an "about me" post there as well... but i've got a few more drawings to get done before that. this is to say... the first two have finally final text. they are *done*. i can look ahead now.
i really love your art, and i really love your use of line and its exploration. i gotta look at it more in my own work, and i'll definitely be referencing your stuff from here on out. very, very delightful! will be checking here often ^-^
murid 1 year ago

Thanks for the kind words. Your art looks really good as well, I like the picture book look. Let's keep in touch.

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update: home page text is done! | chat box is done (feel free to leave a message!) | all links are done! . . . now all i've got to do is get started with finishing the actual stories and getting more drawings in! excitement! yes!
Circuit is fully functional!!! Oh I am so so so happy for this update... and for finally making it work!

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