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shuriee 1 month ago

Changed from shading with watercolour to shading with indian ink. Looks much better - at least in my sketchbook.

Ok. So, the page that I just added is meant to be a long-term project of mine... of redrawing every single panel of Girls' Last Tour. Long history on why I'm doing this, big hopes that I will, in fact, do this until the end. Until then, I'll update it as I do them!
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geouniversal 1 month ago

this site is a great sea side experience

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shuriee 1 month ago

After all it's been, I think I'm finally comfortable with it. I'm glad you like it as well ^-^

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Alright... Another significant change to the website. I really liked the old concept, but unfortunately, I had no will to fit to the format I set for myself. So... slight update, more or less same logic, but now with a page introducing me, and with a new gallery! All I'm missing now is buttons...
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