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hey guys im back. im a bit of a mess rn so im not entirely sure how soon i will be starting work on my site again but anticipate updates at some point haha
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i LOVE your site so much!!! 0:-)
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wow, you also got some Windows 3.x/95 aesthetics, that's awesome! I also have pages that use a hybrid of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 aesthetics.
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pizzachild 1 month ago

ty :) i absolutely love old windows aesthetics (especially XP & earlier, though ive developed a soft spot for Vista+7 because childhood/teen years haha)

Final updates done to my site before my hiatus begins. Enjoy!!
retrobun 1 month ago

ur site is so cute i luv it!! i hope u have a good little break during ur hiatus! :3c

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hey yall, sorry for the lack of updates. my motivation/energy to work on the site comes in waves. i wanna put a heads up though that there will not be any updates for sure between april 15th & may 17th, as my partner is visiting & i will be taking a bit of an internet hiatus in the meantime... thank you for your patience<3
dangit neocities i was workin!!! now i cant load sites wth

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