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Love your Lunchables reviews!
Dope site, super stoked for - and a little jealous of - you for the comic store hustle. Stoked to dive into your music and writings, art and website and viewpoint expressed in your About page suggest I'll love it, too! Will be linking back with your button when I get to updating that part of my site later tonight - Neocities gods willing.
netizen 1 year ago

Awesome! Yeah man, owning a comic store is a total dream job for me, I am super lucky to get to do it. Many thanks for checking out my Homepage!

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Thanks for signing my guest book & the suggestion! Thanks to you I have upgraded my site with links to some cool folks (including The 64th Sanctum of course!) and also added a site button. Thanks again!
the64thsanctum 1 year ago

Good stuff!! I've added your button to the neighborhood :) love the site btw. It's really interesting to scroll through your site and see all the different projects you're involved in. Where do you find the time to do it all?

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