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thank you for 10,000 views! thats, uh, fucking scary lmao, going into this i expected to get maybe 10 views, so uh. ah lmao
thedepthsofescapism 3 months ago

also as you may of noticed the website is basically gonna be dead until around the end of the year when i start to make the 2022 art showcase so yeah, just thought i'd actually announce that properly.. in a reply cause im smart lol

thedepthsofescapism 4 months ago

Okay change of plans, basically i decided rather then redoing this whole side of the website i'd uh, basically make a different website with a different theme each year

thedepthsofescapism 4 months ago

so uh yeah im just gonna leave this 2021 version of the site as it is just so i can move on and keep everything up to date lol, oh also the 2022 site will be early 1990s game themed!

thedepthsofescapism 4 months ago

oh also about the new page! you don't see it! if you do no you don't :)

Uh yeah! Just wanted to come on here real quick and announce that i wont be adding new art to this website for a bit, as i will be redoing the whole art collections area at some point and id rather not add more to those collections knowing im going to have to redo it all later if that makes sense. So until i redo that part of the website there will be no more art posted on here, please go to my other socials to 1/2
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thedepthsofescapism 4 months ago

2/2 my latest art pieces. Also side note but not being able to proof read my messages on here until i actually post it scares me lmao and sorry for all the typos because of that

Okay not sure if im gonna do this but i kinda? wanna resort the whole art collections area. . . . basically im thinking of sorting it by music in three collections, calm synth, glitch, and keyboard. with the collections names being the used, abused, and forgotten.
thedepthsofescapism 4 months ago

and then i want to move the "overflow" area into its own thing off of the main menu, and probably just rename it art. also i want to change the layout of it so i can have some text talking about my newer pieces as i upload them

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thedepthsofescapism 4 months ago

Alright quiet a few little updates today! 1. the "corrupted" art collection has been merged with the "glitch art" collection. 2. new post in the thoughts area!,, nothing much just marking the website now being like, released to my fans lol. 3. the "overflow" has been added to the art collections area!, basically i just wanted to be able to post some art without having to make music for it, also this allows 1/2

thedepthsofescapism 4 months ago

2/2 me to post a lot more stuff i made before i started making music! so uh yeah! i think thats neat lol, and lastly. 4. i renamed "rpg" in the art collections area to "concept rpg" to make it more clear what it is

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