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i want pointer trails o-o
its weirdly easier for me to sleep during the day instead of the night, probably because its WAAAAAY quieter then.
hello-navi 11 months ago

god my home life is fucked six ways from sunday

hello-navi 11 months ago

but nothings gonna get better. not until i can move out

i added cool cursors free no virus keygen.exe to my site. i guess now your cursor is pink too, just like everythign else
improved the gallery. i use flexbox now. i remembered flexbox exists
dann 11 months ago

I need to figure out flexbox some day. I think it would solve a lot of the problems I encounter. I guess I'm stuck in 2013 when it wasn't supported by most browsers.

i found out how to do that hoverover text today btw so i hope im putting it to good use. its on the 404 page too
art page is up, im filling up that sidebar slowly but surely
im doing a lot of databending with audacity, its fun. im gonna put up a bunch of examples on a page
hello navi was updated.
11 months ago
fauux 11 months ago

photoshop + audacity = great success!

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