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fuck i really havent touched css in a while
aaaand now that i decided that i want to redo my site i have no ideas
for some reason i want to learn how to randomize the image on the 404 page. entirely on the client side of course
wanna try some stuff out
i think my last homepage went way overboard on those css animations and stuff, i think im gonna use those more sparingly. or at least less intrusively idk
i decided im completely redoing my site again, hopefully this time i can make it last. i deleted most of my other social medias so i guess im gonna vent on my site now instead. social media is a fuck, i think im gonna try long form blogging. 280 characters just isnt enough
hello-navi 11 months ago

also i changed my color pallette and logo again, because i just cant pick one thing and stick with it

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