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1034co 3 years ago

It's not what it looks like.

1034co 3 years ago

It's been a while since I last made a crappost.

In the followers page you put memestar for my name but i changed it back :). And for redrum, it's now
what do u want ur link to say when people click on it
1034co 3 years ago

1034 co. Website
Trump better be voted. For the good of USA, Mexico, our jobs, and our rights.
2bit 3 years ago

I agree. Tomorrow I'm going out to vote for Trump. I really hope Clinton's rally turnout will be the same as her voter turnout.

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2bit 3 years ago

It was kindof sad my state Virgina didn't turn red. I'm blamming it on Chris Chan and Barb lol

The cursor you have in your site is actually called "nice" in the DOS music tracker FastTrackerII
2bit 3 years ago

I'm guessing it isn't the nuaghty bird cursor I have on here

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