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10kb 6 years ago

i feel bad for the artist who uses fluffershy as a way to further their political agenda

10kb 6 years ago

you know what, i feel bad for cuteosphere in general.

10kb 6 years ago

after reading your article i also feel bad for you as a person. the livejournal censorship was an act of good taste executed poorly, and the benefits outweigh the cons, as will be the case for every website that follows the same policies. unabridged freedom of speech gets us cesspools like Reddit, the Chans, and the United States.

vas 6 years ago

Freedom of speech isn't unabridged in Reddit, Chan imageboards, or the United States. There's many things you aren't allowed to say or post. You're welcome to your opinion (and your pity), but try not to skew reality in having it.


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