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hello! it's been so long since my last update, sorry everyone ;-; I've been super busy with work, plus I turned 19 two weeks ago :D anywho, here is a very belated thanks to @madville for helping me with my gif problem! I don't know what made it suddenly stop working on me... talk to you all later :D
the red bar on the left side of the text box of the main menu isn't looping properly :( idk what the problem is and it's frustrating
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madville 8 months ago

I tried fixing the image, try this one out:

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houg 8 months ago

SO true bestie i think abt time all the time (hehe) and its really Something because nothing is really lost on the internet, like yeah a website could be shut down but it could also have gotten archived or downloaded, and so on and so forth....... its new and exciting but also pretty cray!!!! I love it either way tbh :)

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hey Nomad :) nice page! I found it through a message on my guest list--not sure if you're the same person who posted, but I like your stuff so I'll follow ya anyway, haha! Live long and prosper~
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