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does anyone know what makes sites like umm rlly slow T_T bc my site is so slow all of a sudden waa is it like javascript or where the imgs r hosted or smth im so confused o_O its rlly only the homepage and shrines page too uwaa im so confused!!
goooby 8 months ago

script heavy sites can lag alot yea 😭

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monsieurdoll 8 months ago

uuu that happened to me recently for me it was all the filters i used so i went in and cut back on some and it started running better

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sugarbunny 8 months ago

@monsieurdoll like grayscale, sepia and that stuff?? bc i dont think im using any of those at all ueee u_u

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monsieurdoll 8 months ago

nah i was referring to filter drop shadows i cant tell if theres any on your home page but thats what worked for me

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