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my-own-universe-in-internet 1 year ago

Okay so y'all know about momentum in physic, so i made a frictionless enviroment to test different objects hitting each other, my main goal was finding PI via those precise impacts but it seems i can not calculate that deeply so i can find pi, yet you still can experiment various stuff

websitering 1 year ago

Looks a bit like an early atari 2600 game. (Not exactly; most early 2600 games used a mirrored screen to preserve memory, & there are too many colors per line.)

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my-own-universe-in-internet 1 year ago

I am making a competition best map wins among my friends and people from internet

my-own-universe-in-internet 1 year ago

just make the last two numbers 40 / 40 and make your map (you can do what ever you want 40/40 is not important just send me the results via something)

my-own-universe-in-internet 1 year ago

I have Physic exam tomorrow about speed and acceleration. That's how i study

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