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Hiya~! Here's your new SITE-ID~! I hope you like it~! ^^ You can also take my new one if you like~!
Yesterday, I revamped and updated my entire website. I wanted something more basic (even though I miss the colorfulness of the old index) so that I could keep all of my pages' codes similar enough. In short, I got kind of lost when coding new pages with entirely different CSS so I'm sticking to a formula, ahaha.
hey, i'm following you based solely on the fact your name is laika. cheers
kyumiare 1 year ago

I'll take it, lol. But now I must know what the significance is to you; please enlighten me.

lemonshandy 1 year ago

idk, laika is a cool dog, and her name has a nice ring to it.

Does anyone know of a good way to archive/preserve a code/page? I've written quite a bit for my upcoming revamp, and I'd hate to lose what I've worked so hard on up to this point.
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dormilona 1 year ago

i think neocities has an IPFS archiving thing for pages now?? idk how it works exactly though. you could also put your stuff on pastebin?


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