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delightful website!!!
"copying is an act of love. love is not subject to law. please copy and share" so beautiful, i think this will be staying with me for a while! lovely site and i look forward to reading more from u!
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polyesterbride 3 months ago

you are so sweet! i love the entrance to your site. i suggest you visit and spread the same message to your own work if you feel so inclined! thank you for taking the time to read thru my work!

Your site graphics r so gorgeous!
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ganga 10 months ago

thank you!

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Your website is beautiful & calming. Also amazing library 👀 v excited to take a closer look when I have the time
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rosti 10 months ago

thank you!! :')

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joyride 10 months ago

I think you would also like Tim Edensor's essays about urban ruins and haunting!

Love the new look so far!
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joyride 10 months ago

this is so late mhdhf but tysm!!

is your username a reference to the wkmk girl by any chance?? love yr website btw hehe
luaa 10 months ago

thanks! it's a reference to a song by bright eyes but wkmk is a cool group so it can double as a reference to her as well :)

joyride 10 months ago

oh!! funnily enough i also know that song lol. so double win, nice!

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First major update. Actually looks like a site now. Still a WIP, still clumsily learning HTML and CSS.
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