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Juno 's cool. goofy little creature :)
magnapina 1 year ago

thank you! She is silly and funny.

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Fun idea: If a gamesave that does not make sense is detected, like "god" still being undefeted in EP2, make funfriend ask something along the lines of "you haven't been messing with the cyst. right?". Nothing major, just a little message
corru 1 year ago

da secret truth is. ... ... our friend in the uncosm is completely optional and can potentially be completely ignored... Evil mode!!

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My website has a musicplayer in the corner and i sometimes put little eastereggs one the 88x31 buttons. Would it be ok if clicking your button changes the music to one of the tracks from the game, either hotlinked or hosted on my page?
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corru 1 year ago

of course!! that's totally fine! one I like to use when I put the music on other sites (like on pocl's) is the hub theme -

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