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also: im stuck after the movefoe fight i think. MTH says to wait, is the rest of the story not out yet?
corru 1 year ago

indeed, the site is still a work in progress - that is the current end of content!

Do you have a 88x31 button? I'd like to link this site on mine
corru 1 year ago

thank you! i do!! it is here:

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good music choice
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cvrsed 1 year ago

the inevitable path crossing of hacker three thousand and ever seventeen

lagtrain good!! thanks for showing me this
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On the WaybackMachine's Sitemap i can see a lot of pages that still exist today, but aren't proper ly linked od adjusted to the new design. It would be sad to let them be forgotten. If you need help with something, you can always ask me :)
i love the design of the into page! colorful pixel stuff it so cool
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woah i just saw you website redesign, its so cool!!
cvrsed 1 year ago

thank you so much h3!! B3

Just found this while clicking thru neocites. MAN! You page looks fucking wonderful! I really like the pixel-y style and cyan is fucking cool. All those ditherd backgrounds and the bubbly gem stuff its just SO FUCKING GOOD
mileshouse 1 year ago

^o^!!!! glad to be found randomly heck yeuah thank you

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