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ty for the follow :) your site is super cool!!
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forfunandforlove 1 year ago

thanks! your websites cool too, also if ur wondering it looks rly good on mobile as well :D

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only just figured out how to reply to my guestbook haha
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vencake 1 year ago

the link doesn't work D:

forfunandforlove 1 year ago

@vencake are you sure? its the middle meatpile on the garfield and meatpiles page

Hey Lazarus hope you are well, really liked the new design of your site, would like to say to you that I a button to link you on my website, if you like it you can feel free to use it on yours, here it is ;) :
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forfunandforlove 1 year ago

thanks man! hell yeah im gonna use it! ill add ur button to my website too :D

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your anthro art is super cute
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critterteeth 1 year ago

thank you!! >w<

good luck on the surgery! hope u recover well!
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dobbin 1 year ago

Thank you!!!

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i like your short story (at the beach is the one ive read so far) a lot, interesting style and the main character is very charming haha

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