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Part of the problem with locating sites to write about is that a lot of old websites have fallen victim to some really heinous ads and scripts . There was a site I was excited to write about, but when I went back to start going through it I found out it now has a popup ad that triggers whenever you right click, and I don't want my site sending people to places like that.
unfilledspace 5 years ago

Do their wayback machine archives also do that? If not, use those links.

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excalipoor 5 years ago

I'll have to check. I'm trying to locate sites that are still up, but I'm sure I'll have to dip into the Internet Archive sooner or later. I could also tell people they need NoScript (or the equivalent of it for Not-Firefox), but that's more of a last resort.

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jeremyredhead 5 years ago

If the sites don't rely on javascript to function (besides ads :P), then you can use/link to, which strips out js (among other things)

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