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2 years ago
thisoldrecliner 2 years ago

Wow! I haven't thought of KiSS in a long time. My sister filled the old home computer with them.

oh god what year is it
Just a small update to the article listings to add some nice shiny image banners instead of those boring text links. I'll try to have one ready for every update going forward. Speaking of which, the next site has been identified! I hope it will be very educational.
Part of the problem with locating sites to write about is that a lot of old websites have fallen victim to some really heinous ads and scripts . There was a site I was excited to write about, but when I went back to start going through it I found out it now has a popup ad that triggers whenever you right click, and I don't want my site sending people to places like that.
unfilledspace 3 years ago

Do their wayback machine archives also do that? If not, use those links.

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excalipoor 3 years ago

I'll have to check. I'm trying to locate sites that are still up, but I'm sure I'll have to dip into the Internet Archive sooner or later. I could also tell people they need NoScript (or the equivalent of it for Not-Firefox), but that's more of a last resort.

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jeremyredhead 3 years ago

If the sites don't rely on javascript to function (besides ads :P), then you can use/link to, which strips out js (among other things)

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