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"Right wingers should not have as much of a monopoly on hunting as they do. Let’s all band together to make hunting gay so they stop going outside." Oh. My WORD this sentence left me laughing. Not AT you, and I agree that hunting, while playing an important role in conservation, is part of a general 'gun culture' in the US that is kind of... to put it nicely... needs work.
bookratsculptures 9 months ago

It was a big part of why I mostly gave up taxidermy, even though I really liked the work. A lot of the kind of people who were big repeat customers were some of the worst human beings I'd ever met... |D;

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anolesquailsandmaybecattails 9 months ago

That sucks. I imagine a lot of them were trophy hunters? And yeah, I always feel... wary when I see someone else who likes taxidermy. It shouldn't be a steryotype of the mean angry white middle aged man, but it kind of is, likely bc its popular w that group.

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