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joppiesaus 9 months ago

hey uhm I wrote a comment on your incel article. it's a mess but idk I didn't want to say nothing at all

vas 9 months ago

Thank you for your thoughts. I think internet overuse is more symptom than cause; loneliness was rising before its popularisation with the smartphone. I plan on further critiques of communism in the future, but this one was getting on my nerves because of how trivial it was to disprove.

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otaking 8 months ago

Your analysis on incels currently and in the foreseable future is spot on. Though I don't believe that incels had it much better in the past either. If you look at our DNA it is obvious that we have had more female ancestors than male ancestors. In other words most women reproduced whereas most men did not. In other words those women had sex with a smaller pool of men.

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