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Calling all neocities bloggers currently feeling alienated: vow to have 1 update / week going forward for 2019. Could be an article, could be a microblog. There cannot be new content to browse and discuss if you don't create it. I had a slow start but I'll do my best with my reviews and the occasional tech post. Spend less time giving your attention to instawhores and more time creating content.
vas 1 year ago

You may think this is hard but you could be reviewing and rating porn films for all I care. I swear to God if anyone starts writing artisanal comparative analyses of different stars' rectal twitches on the regular I'd smack that like button harder than Mandingo smacks cervixes.

joppiesaus 1 year ago

hi vas unrelated but I think your vocabulary is amazing

vas 1 year ago

Thanks joppiesaus it's the result of years of writing about goddesses cute little girls.


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