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The bugs I was experiencing with ibus were actually fixed in the newer version in the testing repo. It's disappointing that the fix was backported to stable, but I guess that's life if you dare speak more than English.
vas 1 year ago

BTW if you only speak English as an adult you should be ashamed of yourself. And this isn't me being a multicultural open borders libtard soycuck. Learn some true Aryan language like Danish if it bothers you. Fucking Amerigoblins.

vas 1 year ago

All these tradcuck cucktubers whine all day about "muh European kalchoor" and can't even speak a language originating in the European mainland. Inbred brainlets, all of them.

strata 1 year ago

Interestingly, you write in English. Being completely sincere, what's your main motivation for doing so (instead of e.g. keeping your native language alive on the web)?

vas 1 year ago

Cause nobody reads Greek.

strata 1 year ago

Same (although on a vastly differing scale) for German. Although it makes me quite sad not being able to use the language that I love.

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arkmsworld 1 year ago

Sadly, I've forgotten most of my German and keep starting and stopping French.


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