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joppiesaus 1 year ago

What a cool & humorous review for a cool keyboard! It seems a great bang for buck keyboard. RGB keyboard? more like a KGB keyboard(amirite strata). btw i have a huge black keyboard with no printing on it and i love it. do you know what the appeal is of a linear switch? how do you know when the damn thing is pressed? also i ordered individual cherry mx switches, gonna build a shitty cooking timer but with them <3,3,3,

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vas 1 year ago

Linear switches feel smoother than tactile ones, and some users appreciate the smoothness. Also, they tend to have much lower actuation force so if you prefer a really light touch, or need to perform extremely fast movements, e.g. for speedrunning, they make some things easier. Please consider writing a build log of your cooking timer when you're done!

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joppiesaus 1 year ago

Thanks for the information, it really clears things up for me. I will consider! it might be crappy though

strata 1 year ago

@jopert_saus, you are right with the KGB keyboard!

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