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strata 2 years ago

I started to love that functioning, democratic, pragmatic and highly dynamic country that is Denmark.

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joppiesaus 2 years ago

Opinion: Circumcision by tradition is the worst. I don't think it's ethical to cut something of someone's genitals because you have a religion/tradition to satisfy. It's a classic dilemma between freedom of religion and right to inviolability of body(am I saying this right?). Also, I have yet to find out why you want to kill _all_ journalists. Aren't you a journalist as well, because you publish news on your website?

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vas 2 years ago

Since this is mainly a blog, I'm a blogger. I don't think that counts as journalism but YMMV. "Kill all journalists" is a meme I first explored in "Infinite noise, negative signal". It isn't a literal policy proposal, but it isn't all that far either:

vas 2 years ago

"An Immodest Proposal: Kill all journalists and feast on their corpses. Since cannibalistic murder is illegal, do the next best thing: stop consuming their drivel. Stop visiting their sites. Stop following their twatters and dumblrs and feeds. Point their websites to loopback on your hosts file. Starve them of their precious eyeballs and clicks, and they will die."

vas 2 years ago

And following that I supported and promoted Wikitribune, which allows readers to fact-check and edit out journoblogger lies on a volunteer basis. This is the destruction of the journalist's work, and perhaps in the future the entire profession. Once every journalist is jobless, cause journalism jobs don't exist, you've effectivelly killed all journalists.

joppiesaus 2 years ago

aaaah I see! thank you for the wonderful explanation! I will do my part; stop consuming trash!

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