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I really love this site so far, it really reminds me of the times when I would browse the official BBC Doctor Who website (that would be a lot) when I was younger, I'm sure I'll also be browsing this one a lot!
owlman 4 years ago

Oh, by the way, the old BBC Doctor Who website is still up, and can be found here

temporal-intervention 4 years ago

Thanks, owlman. This site is sort of stuck where it was abonadoned when I originally had to take it down. I'm working on finishing the pages in the guide now. Someday I might even get done. Right now the links all point to pages on the internet archive... I may one day get around to updated a few of them. Thank you so much for your interest.

Thanks to all following. I just made a minor update. I hope one day to finish all the pages. The sound links are all dead for now as NeoCities won't allow mp3s or wavs.
whywhyyy 4 years ago

You could just directly link them from like I did here:

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