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3 weeks ago
vivarism 3 weeks ago

"Nobody notices this useless stuff, it's just me," and that's why rammstein fandom needs you. Why the WORLD needs you, if that's not too dramatic.. you talked about smashing stereotypes around female fans of bands, and i think you're already doing it. I've never seen anything like your writing before & it fascinates me. My free time is definitely not wasted on you. Keep going!!! You and your work are valuable β™‘

snowibunni 3 weeks ago

Thank you deeply for your kindness! It means so much to hear, truly. Your writing inspired me many months ago and your passionate affection for Sans is very meaningful to me. It shaped how I tried to start writing and be less afraid to care, but in another way. It feels like we came full circle and it's perfect β™‘ I'm honored to have met you Flonne. You are valuable too.

vivarism 3 weeks ago

WHAAT omg?! full circle indeed!!! i feel fortunate to have met you too, and to be a part of a cycle without even realising it! let's keep it up then... we'll both nurture our creative, courageous spirits one day at a time


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