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4 weeks ago
vivarism 4 weeks ago

Something about your writing style is so appealing, I felt like I had to read as much of your diary as I could... that includes the Paul posting. Idk how else to say this but your brain is massive, your ideas are interesting and your takes scalding hot. I'm not sure why you think your words are "clumsy" but, even if they are, you have so much to share that it's worth the extra effort to parse. However you end up

vivarism 4 weeks ago

organising your site, please keep writing. Please give us more glimpses of your personality and humanity. You were brave to share it today and honestly it's really inspiring me. I also want to say what I feel without holding back, no matter if it's niche or obsessive or polarising. Maybe it won't mean much coming from me, but I like your Unique Bree Weirdness. Your musicality OCD. Your sense of humour. Your views on

vivarism 4 weeks ago

sex & feminism & fandom, all with Rammstein as a vehicle for exploration and analysis. No, it's not video games or anime, so yeah maybe you stand out in these circles, but its yours, and You are worth knowing. Thank you for letting me learn a bit more about you today. To end this huge comment... the index link to entry 11 actually leads to 10! And your rose bush is gorgeous. You did great with the trimming <3

strawberryreverie 4 weeks ago

accidentally killed a couple of hours with your links page, that was fun! i love your writing, your paintings, and those flowers are gorgeous! i hope you're enjoying them. very cool to see another rammstein fan too β™₯

snowibunni 4 weeks ago

@vivarism You have no idea how much your words mean to me. I've been told before something is intriguing in my writing style but nobody can put a word to it. I invented clumsy for it because I overthink my sentences that typing them feels awkward. I was 1000% terrified to Paul post but I promised myself it can't be that bad. That I needed to be more brave and it'll be ok. I'm honored anything I said had an impact.

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snowibunni 4 weeks ago

on your own inspiration to write, Flonne. I find your own writing to be very charming so it means a lot. I'll try my best to show my personality more this way as it may be the only way I can. Thank you for your deep kindness today to have spent the time to read my words. I wish I could send you a bouquet of my roses β™‘

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snowibunni 4 weeks ago

@strawberry I'm so glad my links could be of time consuming interest to you, Arachne β™‘ Thank you for reading my posts to have found my paintings ;; I love my garden very much, it's a small but pleasant activity and worth it

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