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daughterofbilitis 1 month ago

oh, god, your tumblr essay brought back so many memories… i hadn’t really thought much about the people behind “faceless” gif / edit blogs, but i did have a vaguely popular fandom blog that i used obsessively and got addicted to all those meaningless numbers… were you around for the introduction of fanmail? it was slightly, slightly better than just sending asks back and forth, but still generally useless.

daughterofbilitis 1 month ago

great analysis of the structure of tumblr and how horribly structured it was for community building on every level! and i’m sorry that you were harassed, hopefully this site is a better fandom outlet for you

snowibunni 1 month ago

Thank you for reading all that and your kinds words! It's so easy to get addicted to the numbers, for sure. I think I was around for fanmail iirc, because it sounds familiar. It was like Asks but less risk of being deleted by site error and had a direct response feature built in. The commenting system there now is something I wish they did so much sooner.

pompom-purin 1 month ago

Oh my god, hello from another former Big Bang tumblr owner. This was a really nice read. The kind of tumblr/socmed poisoning you talk about is largely why I started my site too! Could talk about this for ages, but I'll hit the character limit lol in short, loved reading your thoughts on this topic!

snowibunni 1 month ago

Small world to see another former tumblr VIP. Thank you for reading and such nice words! This blog post was me cutting myself short and trying not to go on forever lmao. If you ever get urges to ramble or rant on it, you can Discord DM me about it of course you know how to reach me and I'd gladly listen. tumblr is my fave topic to dissect and study tbh

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