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cool site!!! always good to see another hlvrai enthusiast :)
what do ppl put in shrines??!??
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nickolox 1 month ago

hmm, I put my personal experiences and memories with the subject matter in mine, talk about the specific things I love and why... Imagine you're having a good long ramble fest to someone about your fav thing!!

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nickolox 1 month ago

info dump shrines are peak ...

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resonancecascade 1 month ago

thank you! i'm kinda one of those ppl who are like uueuuughh uhhh when someone asks me to talk about somethng i like, but now i have a few ideas :3

hello guys i've been so stupidly busy since winter break ended but i wanna try 2 start updating this website again...!
resonancecascade 3 months ago

honestly just forgot about it LMAO my object permanence is BAD

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haven't been updating recently because i've been quite busy on another neocities project... hopefully i can share it soon :D

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