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Some shit happened last night. I'll write a chapter about it. I was running out of material before.
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What's a good place to find info on all the differences between all of the electronic music subgenres?
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So originally I started a debate online on some other site about the genre classification of two certain games. I intially planned on writing a piece compiling my arguments into a bonus page. But I realized it would be too complex to pull off so I canned the idea and decided to make the treadmill music page instead. I'm gonna post a link to the debate instead.
I wrote a bonus page about the best music to be playing when you're running on a treadmill!
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I'm listening to Anal Cunt's first album, and it's like one massive song split into many parts. The best thing about this band so far are their album and song names.
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I'm curious, is anyone on this site familiar with the Aethestics wiki on Fandom/Wikia? I just discovered it today and now I'm wondering if that site played a role in inspiring the look of various neocities sites.
emptygod 4 months ago

ohhh I've messed with it a little bit! but I'm not super familiar.

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grossgirl94 4 months ago

ive never seen/heard about this before, but it looks hella cool

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i-me-and-myself 4 months ago

How would you guys describe the aesthetics of your sites?

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grossgirl94 4 months ago

"cottage core punk" but its not on their list

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