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So much work getting done on my desktop application. All dependencies updated, newest Electron version (beta), and stability on streaming videos is so much better than it was a few months ago. Plus another design overhaul. Squashed many a bugs, too. Feels good; Maybe done by the end of the month. After that I can throw myself at either: improving the application from feedback OR throwing myself at Facedesk redesign.
Still alive. I've been doing a lot more graphic design as of late. Site on hold for now; Will update when I'm able to and have motivation to.
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Had some closure. Picking up the slack now! App beginning (yet another) redesign phase, and the new website still being developed. In the meantime - if you care about the environment, try out which is a search engine that plants a tree with its ad revenue when you use it. Pretty neat!
Friend recently died. All progress on hold for possibly another two weeks. Apologies.
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jeremyredhead 2 years ago

My condolences, I hope you're okay.

Began work on the new site already, since I'm at a road-block with my app in terms of design. Main page done, but I'm working on the functionality of the mobile menu. Will be responsive for mobile and desktop, but likely not change randomly based on width/height of browser window this time, since that caused some stuttering and weird issues.
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Made a Facebook page for giggles, you can follow updates about Facedesk there as well as here!
Sat down with a guy that's been programming for several years and he's been explaining things I originally thought were super complex; this makes my bigger projects that much more exciting to work on and improve. I've also made major design changes to that project; as for Facedesk, site update won't happen probably for a few months. I'll do some minor changes but nothing big. Stay tuned!

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