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strangecrust 10 months ago

Okay, now you've jumped the shark completely, way too unrealistic

marijnflorence 10 months ago

wow he changed his mind on something? fucking hypocrite

Hi there. I saw you're in the thick of a Tom Baker/Doctor Who run and thought you might be interested in this, if you hadn't crossed it already: It's an episode of Have I Got News For You with Baker guest hosting. Not always as wholesome as in Doctor Who but he's on cracking form.
thedigitaldiarist 10 months ago

ooh thank you! love a good panel show and tom's a gem.

0x09tf 10 months ago

Now that's what I call high-quality journalism! If you could get the next article ready by tomorrow morning, that would be grrreat! mmm...OK? :) :) :) Thanks! []

strangecrust 10 months ago

guilty of creating a torture device or two in my day, unfortunately

strangecrust 10 months ago

wasn't this how people started calling him "Q" to begin with? he used a star trek q image when posting on 4chan, or am i misremembering? it feels like that shit started so long ago now

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thewhalelines 10 months ago

Oh blimey, really? Let's call it a masterful double bluff. I don't have the heart to look into it too closely

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