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From my latest blog post - if anyone knows why my site isn't actually updating when I update my CSS, *please* tell me :/ I've been having this problem the entire time, where I put something into my style.css and it just doesn't change anything on the rest of the site, despite it very much being connected to all the pages. Is it a cache issue or something??
suntooth 2 years ago

Seems like it's a cache issue, which is extremely annoying,, I don't want to clear my cache every time I change my CSS

I really love your site!! Your description of the suboptimal base is really cool, and it's always fun to find a fellow jan Misali watcher :P Do you have a button? If so I'll add it to my site :]
pseudocinnabar 2 years ago

thanks! i have a button on my main page, second from the left (the kinda colorbars-y one).

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