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Hey froge. You've been talking about the kitterverse a lot lately, and I was just wondering if you're as dissapointed as I am that penelope the cat isn't refered to as "the neokitty."
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froghand 3 years ago

hold the fuck up did somebody refer to me by my proper handle as opposed to my site name? ladies take note, we have a real fan here

froghand 3 years ago

i am extensively disappointed that the cat has not been subjected to the furry menace by successly avoiding all fanart of the thing. perhaps we should host a riot and demand her renaming to "the neokitty", fron Penelope. who the heck is penelope.

thank you or following me. i've had no incentive whatsoever to check out your work, and i suppose this is chiefly because i don't know a bloody thing about your blog. there's a billion different ways to express yourself, and i'm wondering if grey-on-grey gives you the credit you deserve. what's the most extreme thing you can do right now?

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