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site's still broken. i'll fix it tomorrow. gn
i added a poll my site, because i would like youse guys' opinion. i need... FOCUS. ty
I MAY HAVE FINALLY... FIGURED OUT HOW TO USE "FRAMES"... if you see a bunch of updates, no you didn't.
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the little pixels on your about page that say fandoms and stuff do you know the site for them I've been trying 2 find it T_T also ur site is so cool love all the neon very awesom :3
kifujinkun 1 year ago

:3c thank you! and yes! it's on flightrising they have tooooooons of them!

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sorry i haven't updated anything in like. forever. i've got brain problems (playing ffxiv)
kifujinkun 1 year ago

i tried learning about iframes to make navigating my site easier but it broke my brain so i stopped & decided it was video game time

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