It's Daff. B)

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0 tips i'm not currently able to comment on shishka's site but this was the link,, heed that there's a typo in the codepen.
mmmmm ice cream cursor
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my tiny little button bites on my design notes... are now stitched together into an even tinier file, because i'm a madman ("sir! you didn't need to shave those 200 bytes! you have multi-megabyte PNGs. you're *fine*")
Love the wild bread collection, genuinely
I remove the status updates here so I don't have to think too hard about how many edits I've been making. No more sense of time for you. Welcome to Vegas
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dontaskforfroyo 3 months ago

site feedback is welcome! send it to nofroyo [at] protonmail [dot] can also just chat with me there! if this comment is gone, so is my offer.

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