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drtydgtl 5 years ago

Some more new buttons and a guestbook on the frontpage, a new favicon and a few bugs are fixed here and there.

Your site is very visually interesting and fun!! :-)
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drtydgtl 5 years ago

thank you :0 i really like your site and art as well!! shiny diamonds...

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whats this new meme of leaving neocities to go to or something
drtydgtl 5 years ago

i will have you all know is the superior website editor here

headache-booth 5 years ago

frankly i prefer fc2

jackomix 5 years ago

boi u acteng lke anglefire dontt exisst boi

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love this site! :D i really like your artwork, its very cute!! ^_^
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noticed an error on the art page where the twitter link is broken and leads to a 404. will fix in the next update, should be in a couple of days

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