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drtydgtl 5 years ago

LIGHTTRAX 2.0 IS LIVE. There's still a couple of bits i need to sort here and there such as readding buttons and music, but the majority of the design is finished! Recoded from the ground up, with a fresh new clean look and better organisation, 2.0 begins!

hey i havent worked on the website for a while but im still planning to update it!! been busy with a lot of things
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drtydgtl 5 years ago

a small but needed update, i've removed the audio from the splash page for now due to many complaints that it was way too loud. the new redesign is coming soon anyway so there's not much point fixing something thats about to be deleted.

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new site look?? what do y'all think??
project2 5 years ago

looks very nice :)

hey! so i was planning to update the site sometime this week but however life things are getting in the way. me and my family are currently in the process of moving house (nowhere exciting, just down the road from where we currently live lol) and college is starting up again. all my time and energy is being sucked into mainly packing boxes and cleaning the house, and i dont have energy for creative things
drtydgtl 5 years ago

so as such,updates are probably gonna be on hold until things are back to some kind of normality, probably towards the end of the month. i have a lot of things i wanna make and show y'all!!


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