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drtydgtl 5 years ago

Small content update adding a couple of things and new page Check, containing a checklist of things I want to add to the site. I apologise for not updating in so long, there's been a lot of things going on in life rn and sometimes it's hard to keep up ;-; but i'm trying!

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working on a new update for today/tomorrow sorry for not updating in a little while
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fixed a small thing where some images were in the wrong places. should be another update later today adding new archived things into the Notepad.
i am making nightcore
strata 5 years ago

You're fast-forwarding tracks?

apparantly owlman "fixed" my new banner or something so if you want to use that
drtydgtl 5 years ago

also why did he make my banner look worse on his site like... he even saved it as a jpg when its already a png on my site wh

owlman 5 years ago

I uh... found it on your Twitter... fam...

drtydgtl 5 years ago

oh! didnt know. twitter always butchers quality

drtydgtl 5 years ago


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