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Does anyone know how to use HTML to upload photos from one's own computer? I'm trying to upload my coloring pages, and when I view the page I get the broken image icon.
troy-sucks 9 months ago

you need to put the images on an image hoster (neocities image hoster, imgur image hoster, catbox etc.) then you can hotlink it by right/double clicking the image and select "open image in new tab" to copy + paste into your code. i might have not explained it clearly lol but tldr: your image needs to be on the internet to be able to be shown :D

feelingmachine 9 months ago

if the image is in a folder, you'll have to include the complete path. an easy way of seeing the exact path for a file is to go to the rename menu, then just copy and paste that

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feelingmachine 9 months ago

also @troy-sucks you do not need an external host for images on neocities, would say something snarky here but you're too young to responsibly snark at

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troy-sucks 9 months ago

@sugarteara bro what

heart143 9 months ago

you guys are crazy! to upload your photos you need to email them to Kyle Drake and he'll upload the photos to your Neocities for you

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