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I think I'm done with the update!! I have tested it and such and all seems to be in good working order, please contact me if something is broken!! -ChillBitz
My site is currently undergoing maintenance, please be patient, I'm doing my best to get it fixed!! It might take some time for me to figure this out so if it stays broken for some time I sincerely apologize!! -ChillBitz
thank you so much for putting my button on your site! i appreciate it. i placed your button on my page as well. ^_^
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chillbitz 2 years ago

Thanks a lot :) Your site is really cool! I had to put your button on my site.

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It's my birthday today!!
turd 2 years ago

happy birthday!! o<|:^)

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anipike 2 years ago

Happy birthday from me too! ^_^

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gwtagacw 2 years ago

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a good one :D

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roachparade 2 years ago

happy birthday!

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chillbitz 2 years ago

Thank you so much, everyone!! Love you guys!!

Wait, is it your birthday today?
owlman 2 years ago

Long way off

joppiesaus 2 years ago

Today site anniversary & Sweet Po's birthday. Capy's birthday is at the 29th of December.

chillbitz 2 years ago

Aha, I see. Thanks!

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