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ahauntedsite 1 year ago

YAAAAY FINALLY NEOCITIES WORKING!!! no blogpost yet still it will happen when i finish yarrow's refsheet i prommy it will be soon <3

WHAT is going on. why is it just MY site that i can't view??? every other website is just fine? i cleared my cache and made sure there's nothing crazy going on in my code, but for some reason my site "cannot be authenticated" and i get 500 Internal Server Error whenever i try to upload something. halp meh sorry the website is broken i have no idea when or even if it will be fixed. it's been doing this all day
ahauntedsite 1 year ago

it started after i deleted one single image in my images folder, because i was going to replace it with the new image i just finished. AAAHHH??? did i break my website by removing one single image what the fuck?!

hey guys i hope this post goes thru cuz neocities seems to be having some issues right now? i dnt have time to make a blogpost today but i did make a new graphic for my blog page! hopefully i can upload it within the next few hrs? also i am moving AGAIN so thats why i have been offline for a while. xoxo
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1 year ago
NEW PLAYLIST UP ON THE RADIO! this one is metal and hxc with a sprinkle of grunge and really intense electronic tracks. check it out on the living room page ^_^ <3
well i'm on stackoverflow once again asking how to fix my living room page. all the toggles are grouped together so every time something within the box is clicked, the whole box is hidden again. it took me six hrs just to understand the basics of the code that i copy/pasted in there i have NO clue how to go about adding onto it or fixing it. halp meh
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