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If I stop support neocities - neocities remove my mp3 from the site?
WIRED NETWORK was updated.
4 years ago
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joppiesaus 4 years ago

I love NETWORK.mp3!

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replaced animation on the page //NETWORK//. Now there gif made by me :)
wirednetwork 4 years ago

also thank you strata for advice to use vegas.

strata 4 years ago

ayy glad it was useful!

Shit. Site needs to be redisign. I have some idea's about it. So whether there are programs similar to After Effects? My computer is weak for AE :x
strata 4 years ago

Vegas Pro has some (basic) compositing capabilities!

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wirednetwork 4 years ago

@strata hm... Are there any resources with effect-plugins for it?? Because default very basicly...

strata 4 years ago

Depends on what you want to do...

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