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TODO LIST FOR LAZY-ASS vacui: 1. create page for "deleted and old versions" pages/tracks. 2. replace background on index.html or chapteriii.html. 3. fix font. 4. FIX FONT network.html. 5. remake cr.html. 6. add smthng loading.html . 7 move to trash render.html 8. fix and add smthng at sleepmode.html . 9. fix animation at chapterii.html 10. vm64.html add background . 11. dream1.html remake and fix links
wirednetwork 3 years ago

12. rls.html KIRBY!!!!! :o (fix link also). 13. add background chapteriii.html . 14. FIX CYBERBULLYING(music, fix volume and phase effects) 15. finish dream2.html

wirednetwork 3 years ago

add menu also chapteri.html and chapteriii.html

owlman 3 years ago

my name jeff

jackomix 3 years ago

you can do it! :D

wirednetwork 3 years ago

@rocketmix I can do it, but no :p

hey guys, check dis track. its really cool - :o
I got VHS camera, so...
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wirednetwork 3 years ago

@joppiesaus yes!:D

Nice site, SEL is a nice anime and definitely gives me he feel it wants to. Same with this site. :D
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wirednetwork 3 years ago

yea, I love Lain, but my project isn't associated with Lain. c:

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jackomix 3 years ago

Well I'll be honest I only checked a bit but checking now it's pretty nice, did you make the songs that are on soundcloud? If so nice! If not, good taste in music. ;)

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