When I Was a Child in Ferrol, Spain (1953-65)

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I am erasing deprecated Youtube video hyperlinks from the Spanish webpage, "Los Canadienses."
I am simply cleaning up the website, e.g. removing some recently deprecated Youtube video hyperlinks.
To make modifications of my contact e-mail address easier to communicate in future I have removed my contact e-mail address from every page other than the home page.
In the webpage, "Translation from Galician to English of 11 poems by Rosalía de Castro," I have appended the button, "Translation from Galician to English of more poems by Rosalía de Castro."
In the webpage, "When I Was a Child In Ferrol, Spain (1953-65)," I have added to Chapter 16, "The Radio," a new Youtube recording of "Camino Verde" (Green Trail) sung by Gregorio Barrios. This may have been the version I heard and liked most as a child.

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