When I Was a Child in Ferrol, Spain (1953-65)

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I have added ten movie clips to Chapter 15, "The Movies," of the home page, "When I Was A Child In Ferrol." Eight clips go in the one-day movie listings of 1955, 1959 and 1961. Two other clips go in the section, "Four Spanish Movies I Recall Watching As A Child."
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(1) In Chapter 15 of "When I Was A Child In Ferrol" ("The Movies") I have replaced another poor-quality movie clip of child movie star Marisol and I have added a medium-quality clip of the first nine minutes of her movie, "Ha Llegado Un Ángel" (1961) plus I have introduced a new HD clip from the same movie.
(1) In the webpage, "Los Canadienses," I have erased more deprecated and expendable Youtube hyperlinks. (2) In the home page, "When I Was A Child In Ferrol," I added three good-quality movie clips of child movie star Joselito (Chapter 15) and in the same chapter I substituted four low-definition movie clips of child movie star Marisol with HD variants. (3) In the webpage, "11 Songs of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39),
I am erasing deprecated Youtube video hyperlinks from the Spanish webpage, "Los Canadienses."
I am simply cleaning up the website, e.g. removing some recently deprecated Youtube video hyperlinks.

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