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0x09tf 1 year ago

Source-free posts coupled with 'like' buttons are such an innovative feature! They save time and I don't have to worry about making an error of judgment anymore! How can popular opinions authenticated by a bunch of 'likes' be wrong right? "Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM" right? Computer (Google) says "so." 😊

readingproject 1 year ago

Just read an article on anti-vaxxers and 5G this morning. And of course 5G causes COVID-19!!! How did people get so dumb?

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0x09tf 1 year ago

@rp - The older I get, the more cynical I tend to become... Nowadays, I put more emphasis on who actually signs/signed the pay checks for so-called information to be made available. Whenever information is heavily promoted (or "allowed" to go viral) , I instantly smell a rat! (...not counting that tingling up my rear end.) :))

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